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TM960 is the latest addition to my "I,drummer" collection of drum instruments for Kontakt.

It consists of a full rack and floor toms set (10", 12", 14" and 16") with coated drumheads. The set was recorded with both close  (RE20) and overhead and ambient microphones featuring multiple velocity layers and sample cycling.


As the rest of the "I,drummer" instruments TM960 offers some really unique features combined with high quality and in full detail recorded drum samples...

- individual control of close microphone level on each element plus stereo overheads and ambient microphones,

- both free ringing and muffled hits,

- individual tuning and pitch control for each tom and floor tom,

- a versatile 3-band eq,

- dynamic processing and voicing control based on real analog processed samples,

- convolution "gated" reverb

- analog modelled console mixbus voicing and bus compression


...and most important the most realistic and versatile toms you ever heard at your fingertips!


6,00 €Price
  • TM960 JAZZMAN requires a FULL version of Kontakt (6.5 or higher) and will not work properly on Kontakt Player (will work in demo mode)

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