From mellow, melodic indie bass lines all the way to fuzzy, noisy psychedelic tones...The Dark One is the way to go! From the detailed sampling and natural sounding articulations all the way to individual subharmonics and gain control and from the custom amp noise and bias control to the extended eq and dynamics processing...The Dark One is destined to become your "go to" bass guitar for indie, post punk, new wave, noise and experimental and every other genre requiring tons of character and vibe.

The Dark One comes also with some unique darkwave style FX chains making it a complete all in one sonic solution!


Together with the free BA533 SID it becomes a complete arsenal of unique bass sounds and sonic options. Check the included video for a small sonic preview...

The Dark One - Bass instrument for Kontakt

6,00 € Regular Price
4,20 €Sale Price
  • The Dark One requires a full version of Kontakt (v6.5.2 or higher) and will not work with Kontakt Player (will show up in demo mode)