The Bao Bass is a neat yet quite silly little bass instrument for Kontakt made out of human voices... however besides its siliness it can be quite fun to make music with and probably usefull for that extraordinary bassline!! 

The Bao Bass includes four different sounds that can be used in every possible combination creating unique, fat and lush sounding basslines. It is based on the 80s flavour of sampled voices in the numerous pop hits that took advantage of the early hardware samplers.

The Bao Bass is lush, deep and creative...but most of all it is absolute fun to play with! It comes with a straightforward and very easy to use GUI and it is free!!

Check the video to listen to The Bao Bass

The Bao Bass

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  • The Bao Bass requires a FULL version of Kontakt (6.5.2 or higher) and will not work properly with Kontakt Player