SN202 IRON is a Kontakt Snare Drum instrument, part of my "i,drummer" collection of sampled drum instruments. SN202 IRON is quite a unique instrument with a completely new approach to sampled drum inStruments... instead of offering a huge amount of different types of snare drums we focused on a single 14” steel snare drum, recorded and edited in detail wIth a huge amount of available tools and parameters in order to shape it to your own demands...from different mics, eq and dynamic control all the way to muffling options, bleed and noise control, harmonics control and everything you'd expect to find in a high quality recording studio with an experienced recording engineer at your command!

So, you won’t find fancy or vintage brand names and images here….just pure processing power and sound!


SN202 IRON will be your “go to” snare drum when a rich  metal snare is needed with full body and harmonics, melodic overtones and controllable attack…either as a drum replacement, together with the rest “I,drummer” modules or combined with your favourite drum library! But don’t just take my word…check the videos and get a closer look on I,drummer….in the first video you’ll listen to SN202 on various styles while on the second video you’ll listen to a demo track from I,drummer!


SN202 IRON comes with a stylish, straightforward GUI with help-text for each knob. Also you can find lots of details in the video and images


6,00 € Regular Price
4,20 €Sale Price
  • SN202 requires a FULL Kontakt (version 6.5.2 or higher) to run and WILL NOT work properly on Kontakt Player (it will show as demo with time restrictions)