SN101 is a snare drum Kontakt instrument sampled after a 14" maple snare drum offering a wide variety of sonic options through a highly detailed recorded snare drum. This is probably an all around rock snare offering total control over velocity, harmonics and overtones. you can shape SN101 from a loose ringy and roomy snare all the way to a tight muffled and powerfull rock shotgun! As in all i,drummer modules you have total control over each part of the snare drum including all different mics plus some innovative add ons like a parallel comression bus, a low pitched parallel snare bus,tape saturation on each element, bus compressor and analog modeled main bus routing, carefully selected eq curves etc


You also get a wide variety of ambience sources including multi layered room microphones plus IR spring reverbs and sampled response of different rooms!


Check the videos to listen to SN101...  


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  • SN101 WOODY requires a FULL Kontakt version (v6.5.2 or higher) and will not work with kontakt Player (it will be in demo mode)