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REDFUNK is an electric bass instrument for Kontakt and as the name simply implies it is focused on spicy, funky and groovy vibes! However as in the rest instruments of my bass collection REDFUNK is quite a special perfect pitch or extreme velocity layers here just pure vibe and inspiring tones!

REDFUNK offers a more alternative and playfull approach to funk and groovy bass sounds probably a bit more dirty and punkish (if you prefer) with some innovative features and workflow.

As the rest of the bass instruments in my collection it offers two unique working modes: a finger style and a slap articulation. These two combined with the various processing features like the attack modulator and the sample based modulation effects offer a vast variety of sonic options. This combined with the extended control over gain staging and preamp modeling and total subharmonic control offers a complete electric bass instrument with a unique flavour but still versatile.


Alao there is a quite unique approach in note mapping and layering with finger style mode including an octave of bended and natura vibrato samples while the slap mode has no keyswitches for thumb or pull sounds but rather having the same octave spreaded in the keboard for both....well, it might sounds a bit strange but you'll figure it out right away as you'll start playing with it!
REDFUNK is definitely not an all around really shines on certain genres and styles and it has tons of character. Together with BA533 SID and The Dark One creates an alternative and more experimental iniverse of sampled electric bass instruments....but don't take my word for it...just check the video and audio samples!

REDFUNK comes with a straightforward GUI similar to BA533 SID and The Dark One and ofcourse with easy to read help text for each knob and switch.

REDFUNK - The Spicy Bass

6,00 €Price
  • REDFUNK requires a FULL version of Kontakt (v6.5.2 or higher) and it will not work  on Kontakt Player (it will show up in DEMO mode only)

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