“Project Studio Setup” is the ultimate tool to help you create the project studio of your dreams! An essential guide to help you create from scratch your dream studio or improve and get the best out of your current working space… Everything you need to know in more than 200 pages together with sketches, diagrams and photos. Acoustics, DAW and music software choice, computer hardware and operating systems, microphones, outboard gear, cables, wiring and interconnections…they are all here, together with an enormous amount of resources and links. But “Project Studio Setup” is even more than a step by step guide in setting up your studio…it’s also a great introduction  to almost every aspect of music production from basic audio principles and sound engineering all the way to methodology, decision making and critical thought on audio and music production… a wholistic approach to the quest for the perfect workspace, gear purchase  and arrangement.
Project Studio Setup is a serious tool for everyone serious about audio, either a beginner or an experienced sound engineer..so get your copy now and let’s start this beautiful trip together!

a quick look of what's included:
• Introduction

Let’s get started... Introduction • What Project Studio really means • Basic considerations • Build your workflow and the rest will follow • Is really budget a limitation? • Setting up a simple plan and principles
• Acoustics
It’s all about... acoustics! • Room modes & physical limitations • Absorption vs Reflection: which is the way to go and how to get there • Common problems & solutions • Basic planning and space moderation • The DIY factor
• Audio interface
Picking the right gear.. Audio interface • Digital audio basics (sample rate, resolution, clocking) • Physical I/O and specific needs • DSP and drivers • Stability and workflow
• Monitoring
Picking the right gear.. monitoring • Loudspeakers and physics • Design considerations • Placement & optimisation • System tuning, levels & imaging • Audio translation • Metering considerations • Reference and alternatives
• Computer
Picking the right gear.. Computer • Main Hardware considerations • Desktop vs mobile • Interconnections and expandability • Operating system • Monitor • External storage • Workflow optimisation
• DAW software
Picking the right gear.. DAW • Popular myths about DAW’s • Which one fits my needs...or what really are my needs! • Performance, compatibility and stability • The value for money factor • Why I picked Reaper
• Plugins & Virtual instruments
Picking the right gear.. PLUGINS & VST • Defining your needs and audio production workflow • Explore your DAW’s processing resources • Explore freeware resources • DSP based platforms • Quality over quantity • Justifying my personal choices
• Microphones
Picking the right gear.. Microphones • Microphone basics • Different scenarios, different choices • One mic to rule them all....not at all! • Microphone choice and room acoustics • Microphone choice and signal chain (preamp, eq, dynamics) • Mic choices and proposals
• Analog outboard
Picking the right gear.. Analogue outboard • Analog gear and project studios • Recording signal chains • The hybrid mixing concept • Interconnection and integration of analog gear in a digital set-up • The analogue factor: Understanding and utilising the basic principles of analog audio
• Mixing Desk 
Mixing desk basics •Types and options•Typical mixing desk configuration•Integration in a DAW based studio•Needed features in the modern project studio•Examples of different mixing desk setups in a DAW based studio
• Audio & Power cabling
Making it work... Audio & power cabling • Audio cabling, patching and interconnection considerations • Balanced vs unbalanced: which, when and why • Power installation and cabling considerations • Common problems and solutions
• Knowledge base


Project Studio Setup

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