NV244 is a high quality snare instrument for Kontakt and part of the "i,drummer" collection. NV244 STEVIE features a 14" wooden snare sapmled with extreme accuracy and in full detail with a vast number of different velocity layers and total control over different microphones. 

Together with extremely detailed snare drum sounds ranging from quiet drag and drops all the way to thunderous hits NV244 offers a unique set of features including parallel compressed signal chain, total control of every microphone, control over myffled or free ringing snare head, sampled clipping effects, two different sets of stereo ambient mics, algorithmic reverberation, carefully chosen eq bands, saturation and clipping signal chains modelled after analog consoles and tape recorders and lots more waiting for you to discover and create unique snare sounds!


In the videos above you can hear audio examples of plain drums or mixed with music. NV244 STEVIE can litteraly be everything from jazzy all the way to hard rock or pop!



6,00 € Regular Price
4,20 €Sale Price
  • NV244 STEVIE requires a FULL vesrion of Kontakt (version 6.5.2 or higher) and will not work with Kontakt Player (it will show up in demo mode)