MT222 SONIC is a Kontakt snare drum instrument, part of my "i,drummer" collection. MT222 SONIC is a high quality sample library for Kontakt optimizing snare drum sounds and opening new creative horizons for the user! Recorded at The Sonic Ark Studio MT222 delivers an agressive and powerfull collection of snare samples making it ideal for a vast variety of situations where presence and vibe is needed.

With a huge count of different velocity layers and humanization control MT222 sounds natural and organic even in extreme genres. With total control on each different mic (including a lush ambient mix of the large and full of vibe live room from The Sonic Ark) MT222 can provide lots of different timbres and tones...this together with some innovative features (parallel and inline compression, carefully chosen eq curves, saturation control and modelled bus processing) make MT222 a unique yet versatile addition to your drum arsenal... you'll even get a nice combo of IR reverbs from The Sonic Ark featuring the smaller studio B room and a spring reverb!


MT222 comes with a retro, vintage  soviet style GUI (don't worry though...every single knob comes with its own help text).


So, regardless if you are looking for the absolute snare replacement tool or for a great asset to your drum sounds library MT222 is going to deliver!



6,00 € Regular Price
4,20 €Sale Price
  • MT222 SONIC requires a FULL version of Kontakt (v6.5.2 or higher) and will not work with Kontakt Player (...actually it will work in demo mode)