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Indietron is a brand new instrument for Kontakt based on sampled electric guitar sounds....however Indietron is definitely NOT a sampled guitar instrument....Indietron is a league on its own, with its lush, deep sounds and innovative processing is probably a unique instrument aiming to everyone willing to explore indie and alternative soundscapes. Indietron included 18 different sounds that can be combined in a vast variety of way allowing you to create unique sounds! From noisy fuzz tones all the way to ambient soundscapes Indietron is the key to creativity in an indie and alternative way!

Just check the video here to get a first glance to Indietron Alpha's sound and character....everything you hear on these demo tracks besides drums and bass is Indietron Alpha!!! Without additional effects or processing...

Sounds are layered in the keyboard range in a very creative and easy to comprehend way, allowing instant access to a large number of different sounds at once.

Indietron Alpha comes with a straigth forward GUI , very simple to use and with a handy PDF file with description of the included sounds!

Indietron Alpha

30,00 €Price
  • Indietron Alpha requires a FULL version of Kontakt (6.5.2 or higher) and will not worl properly with Kontakt Player.

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