Demontron is a neat little instrument for Kontakt with a bit of a spooky and otherwordly character! Yes you guessed it right...Demontron is based on the mellotron concept meaning endless looped samples and a bit of old school sound!


Demontron utilises 6 different instruments - sounds that can be used either independently or in combination. These 6 sounds are controlled by the upper row of knobs (from left to right):


1. Human Bass - a staccato bass sound made out of vocals


2. Demon's Voice - a pad like atmospheric suastained  sound made out of vocals.


3. Glory Ahh - a choir sound .....of course made out of vocals


4. Scratchy String - a childish violin sound...scratchy and edgy


5. Singing Stair - a metal percussive sound made out of  metal bed stairs!


6. Tune your Gtr - a sampled guitar being tuned with a mandolin like accompaniament


Together with these sounds Demontron offers a few more tricks in the big knobs:


1. Spirits - zombies, ghouls and demons chatting....that's enough of a description


2. Cheat aka Grandma's Vinyl - this is a processed version of Demon's Voice...simply put through a time machine!


3. Trick aka Broken Pipes - a demolished and distorted percussive sound...something like a nightmare!


4. Treat - well...this is simply a reverb! Really usefull though!


Demontron is  a unique sounding instrument with its own vibe and timbre, slightly out of tune sometimes, maybe a bit scary or weird sometimes...however it has sound! Check out the video demo to listen to an example track (actually 4 tracks) created entirely with Demontron and nothing else!


....and it is FREE!


  • Demontron requires a FULL version of Kontakt (6.5.2 or higher) and it won't work on Kontakt Player (it will be in demo mode)