Absolute Rock Drums is a recording tutorial in HQ video format giving an insight of capturing perfect rock drums in the studio. Microphone choice and placement, different recording spaces, recording signal chains, two different drummers and of course a wide variety of audio examples in different rock sub genres!


Initially created as part of the Complete Drum Recording collection, Absolute Rock drums stands on its own with its complete approach on recording rock drums. This is a complete multi micing drums recording tutorial offering different mic combinations and set ups, recording techniques and processing chains, different recording spaces (from large live sounding rooms to dry drum booths) and an in-depth look on the procedure as a whole. Starting from scratch, explaining the concept and methodology all the way to listening to specific examples and setups.


Absolute Rock Drums was created at The Sonic Ark studio utilising not only its unique recording spaces but also its tremendous collection of analog gear.


Absolute Rock Drums is a complete tutorial on its own covering almost every aspect when it comes to rock drums recording, however it can be combined with the vast amount of free tutorials here on my website (and also in my YouTube channel) and of course with the rest of the Complete Drum Recording videos creating a complete knowledge base.

Absolute Rock Drums - Recording Tutorial

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  • 20 minutes