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This is the time to get it right!

Today's music industry demands more skills, knowledge and inspiration than ever before. But in such a competitive environment you also need the right tools to get it right... So which are these tools?

Is it brand new gear?

Maybe the latest version of a hyped DAW?

Or maybe some analog goodies?

Well the truth is that all these things are significant, however not significant enough compared to knowledge. And in the age of internet globalisation it's quite bizarre to encounter such a lack of knowledge... I guess it's probably due to the ease of getting your hands on a DAW and start making music. And it is true that nowadays getting started in music making is easier than ever before, with numerous free resources and online tools... Are you, however making the best out of your talent and inspiration? Do you utilise your tools the best possible way? After all besides the tech evolution music will always be music and a great tune will always be a great tune. But what makes a tune great? What transforms a nice little tune in to a great track? You guess's music production! And music production is much more than tweaking knobs and faders, it's a combination of talent, inspiration and know how of a large number of different fields in order to get the desired result.

A very important aspect in music production is to create a constant and successful workflow, and thus a great working space. This can be a pretty complicated equation with multiple variables from room acoustics and basic audio theory all the way to gear acquisition and integration to your specific workflow... and this requires a wide knowledge base. That's why I decided to write "Project Studio Setup", an essential guide in setting up or improving your workspace through a wholistic approach to music production, its methodology and tools...

So this is the time to get it right!

“Project Studio Setup” is the ultimate tool to help you create the project studio of your dreams! An essential guide to help you create from scratch your dream studio or improve and get the best out of your current working space… Everything you need to know in more than 200 pages together with sketches, diagrams and photos. Acoustics, DAW and music software choice, computer hardware and operating systems, microphones, outboard gear, cables, wiring and interconnections…they are all here, together with an enormous amount of resources and links. But “Project Studio Setup” is even more than a step by step guide in setting up your studio…it’s also a great introduction to almost every aspect of music production from basic audio principles and sound engineering all the way to methodology, decision making and critical thought on audio and music production… a wholistic approach to the quest for the perfect workspace, gear purchase and arrangement. Project Studio Setup is a serious tool for everyone serious about audio, either a beginner or an experienced sound get your copy now and let’s start this beautiful trip together!

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