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Online Mixing & Mastering

Today and with the advantage of fast internet and global connectivity it is probably the best time to give your music the treatment it deserves! 


Online Mixing and Mastering services are the perfect way to introduce your music to a wider audience taking advantage of the experience, knowledge and abilities of a professional mixing & mastering engineer. And I am here to help you take this extra step!


Besides experience, skills and knowledge I can help you create your own sonic signature, personalising  your audio content and adding to its character… of course I also do have my own signature sound and thus our goals and visions combined can lead to a great sounding album or song! This means of course that we share and envision the same goals… and that’s the most important factor in this kind of collaboration: Music Production is an art and as so requires an even flow of ideas, aesthetics and goals. No, I am not the perfect mixing and mastering engineer for every genre or artist…. I actually have a very specific and characteristic sonic signature and vibe that you either love or hate… so take a minute to listen to my work at the Music Page and find out if you’re willing to work together! Then take a minute o get in touch so I can too, learn more about your project. And from there on we’ll be able to define the best workflow for OUR project.


Now-days I do most of my mixing in my private workspace in a DAW environment, however I still do complete analog or even hybrid mixing sessions if it is requested in specific commercial studios that I collaborate with. This means that pricing is not fixed  but it really depends on the specific needs of every project. Every artist and every music project are unique and so is my approach. So get in touch to discuss your specific needs and goals, get a price quote for YOUR project and be assured that we’ll get the best results!  

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