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Music Stock Licensing

Being an active musician/composer for more than 30 years now (...all of my adult life) I 've gathered literally tons of music that has been either released through bands, solo albums, work for commercials, movies etc....I'm still in organising a portfolio and I hope soon enough I'll be able to upload a proper showreel here....till then check my audio production and mixing work right below!

Music Production - Mixing

With more than 250 official album releases either as a producer, recording or/and mixing engineer, mastering engineer or all of the above, it's actually pretty hard to choose on a sample portfolio to showcase my work.... however I tried to pick a few examples that I believe to give a more realistic example of my sound and approach to music's quite funny to listen to some audio from 20 years ago or more, however it is exactly this journey through time that defines us . I hope you'll enjoy listening and I promise to update this list as often as possible.

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