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Get your music the treatment it deserves

After spending more than 25 years in recording studios I'm here to offer you the best possible services when it comes to music production... From full production services to live mixing, get the chance to utilise my expertise and professional experience in an affordable way! 

I am also offering tutorial services in various ways, from delivering high quality educational videos about recording and mixing to private workshops either at my own base here in Greece or at your personal studio or workspace, seminars etc etc....So once again if you think you are in need of an in depth journey in to sound engineering and mixing get in touch to discuss what would fit your needs best, regardless where you are located.

My aim is to offer the best possible services at affordable rates... not cheap or cheapo... affordable and with respect to my clients.

Nikodemos T. is one of the most respected and well known recording/mixing engineers and producers in the alternative and indie greek music community. For more than a decade and a half he's been recording, mixing and producing a vast variety of bands and artists (though almost always with an alternative origin) ranging from experimental, exotic sounding indie acts to multiselling rock bands.


During the last 25 years and with more than 250 official album releases and numerous singles, promo and demo recordings, movie soundtracks etc, he managed to create a unique and recognizable sonic signature, always in harmony with each artist's unique character and artistic vision. Some if his recent projects include artists and bands like Roundlights , Baildsa, Modal4, Electro Vampires, Nikos K. , Mora Sti Fotia, DeFacto, Daemonia Nymphe, Boomstate, The Prefabricated Quartet, Louisa John Croll, Kathodos ton Mirion, Kappa, Yeden, Jane Doe, Los Tromos, Norma, Schema, Rakias Street Parade, Dinos Sadikis, Coin, Infidelity, Nick Allyn, Ghostfish and lots more....


His musical approach to producing and mixing combined with his deep knowledge and experience in sound recording and acoustics, and his never ending will to experiment with analog and digital gear and techniques lead to an organic, deep, warm and spacious soundscape, a perfect mix of the huge analogue sounds of the past combined with the perfectionism of todays digital evolution. Always with respect to the artist and in attempt to bring forward most of their unique personality and musical elements.

Nikodemos T. is also heavily involved in to educational projects including his own tutorial videos, private and open Workshops and seminars, personal consulting on studio acoustics, gear aquisition and setup etc etc but also as a teacher for IIEK DELTA & IIEK PASTER in Thessaloniki.

So if you are interested in recording and mixing services, searching for a producer to get your music to the next level or even a private workshop at your space get in touch to duiscuss your specific needs. 

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