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Everything about audio and music production:

Hey everybody... this is my personal blog/website.Here you can find more info on my sound engineering work, my stock music,  my online tutorials, e-books and all my audio and music projects... so if you're serious about audio and music production go ahead, take a look around and get in touch. Together we'll give your music, your skills or your projects the treatment they deserve!


"Project Studio Setup" is 2 years old and we celebrate!

Hey everybody... my e-book "Project Studio Setup" will be 2 years old this November and it's time to celebrate with a huge 50% discount!
Click on the photo to learn more about "Project Studio Setup" and why today is more relevant than ever before...start making your dream studio now!




Indietron Alpha

Indietron Alpha is the first of its kind.... a unique Kontakt instrument opening new artistic horizons with its unique character and sound. A vast variety of sounds ranging from atmospheric soundscapes all the way to screaming, noisy leads and feedbacks offering a creative sonic palette and tons of inspiration. Click on the image to go to e-shop and find out more..



"i,drummer" is coming!!!

Hey everybody... with different modules becoming available everyday "I,drummer" is almost here... but what exactly is "I,drummer"?
click on the picture to learn more:


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Tutorial projects

In my e-shop you will find a series of tutorial projects including videos and e-books. All the videos will provide you with both theoretical knowledge and practical examples of recording and mixing techniques, including high quality audio and video. The aim is not only to deliver a series of different techniques and approaches but also a deeper understanding of wholistic approach to music production. The same goes for my e-books: These include a detailed step by step guide in certain projects but also a more unified attempt to personalise your workflow and skills. In the promo page you can find quite a few free tutorials from my YouTube channel and get a better idea of the concept.  


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