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VSTi & Sample Libraries (Kontakt)

My Kontakt instruments are a result of both personal need for specific tools in audio production but also the need for sonic exploration in the world of sampled instruments… I started by creating tools that I could use in my own signal chain and production flow covering specific aspects that I couldn’t found elsewhere. You see there are plenty of fantastic sounding instruments out there and I use a lot of them everyday, however there were certain sounds I was after that could not be easily achieved with existing offerings…sounds from a more alternative point of view with a certain realism, covering demanding genres like post rock, cinematic and experimental modern rock, post punk, dark wave etc. Beside that I always wanted to have more studio like control on certain instruments like drums or electric bass, something that didn’t seem to be available on most libraries… so I begun to experiment with Kontakt and the possibility to create a number of utility instruments, primary to fulfil my own needs and goals. The result was surprisingly good so I decided to expand my research and experimenting and create a series of unique sounding instruments either existing like drums or electric bass but also a series of completely new, innovative and unique sounding instruments.


I try to combine the (almost 30 years of recording and mixing) experience with fresh and innovative ideas in order to create instruments that can stand out of the crowd and offer new creative possibilities to the user….from extremely realistic and fully controllable drum sounds all the way to extraordinary atmospheric synthesised  sounds, my instruments are a gateway to a new creative space offering unique soundscapes and capabilities. 



I,drummer is a collection of Kontakt instruments based on detailed and quality sampled drums. There are plenty of fantastic drum libraries and instruments out there so what exactly is the thing that makes I,drummer unique?


Well, first of all and with the experience of all these great drum libraries out there I created I,drummer in order to fulfil a number of personal needs and goals for my production workflow: The need for total control over each drum element, the ability to interact with every aspect of a drum sound, the need for versatile sounds and a more studio production orientated approach.


Instead of different brands and obsolete vintage models, I,drummer focuses on a more realistic approach: a number of drum kits with different snare and cymbal options captured with extreme detail and a huge number of innovative controls over their dynamic range and transient control, timbre and tone. I,drummer does not provide you with hundreds of different models and brands…instead it gives you acmes to all these features you’d expect to find in a large commercial studio including different mic setups, extreme transients and timbre control in a sample based way, analog processing, ambient control and innovative DSP. 


I,drummer modules are both utility tools and character models with unique sound features and absolute control on sculpting your personal drum sound. I,drummer will continue to expand with different add ons, always in the same innovative and creative spirit and direction. 


You can find more on the philosophy and design approach of I,drummer:

My bass collection

Doing lots of work in arrangement I encountered the problem of finding realistic bass guitar sounds…sure, there are lots of great libraries out there but once again most of them lack the realism of a “real world” electric bass guitar, especially on more “difficult” genres like indie, alternative and post rock/punk… so I decided to create a bunch of libraries, initially for my own production needs, however the result was so impressive that I felt that I should share with all of you!


My bass instruments are not universal, all around libraries…they come with a unique character and timbre fulfilling specific needs….this is a “love it or hate it” situation and definitely not all rounders…however these neat little instruments can be the perfect choice for a huge variety of situations!


Once again I created these instruments having in mind what a mixing engineer and a producer would love to see (and hear)… So besides the obvious character of each instrument you’ll find unique control over critical factors like tonal control and shaping, total control of the subharmonic content, dynamic control plus a series of innovative features on amp simulation, noise control and analog like overdrive.


My Tron collection

Well this is a series of unique Kontakt instruments with a strong character and vibe created in order to be a sonic palette for any music producer regardless the genre and origin… My Trons are instruments created by a vast variety of sources resulting completely new and innovative soundscapes….from screaming guitarist leads and feedback all the way to atmospheric pads and lush synth sounds, my Trons  is a new sonic universe on their own…each one has its own character and vibe, with a completely different background and origin.  Their main common factor is the ability to freely combine a vast variety of sounds in any possible way in order to create unique and personalised soundscapes plus a common design approach in sampling and sample handling resembling the vibes of classic Mellotron (lots of the sounds are complete, endless loops while an analog vibe is found on almost every single sound).

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