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Audio Consulting

With more than 25 years of professional experience as a Music Producer, recording and mixing engineer but also as a recording studio designer and business owner, I think this is the right time to share my knowledge and experience in these fields!


So what exactly “audio consulting” means and what exactly can you gain from my services?


My Audio Consulting services are split in to 4 different subcategories:


  • Recording Space & Studio Design: Complete design services for your workspace. Regardless how big or small your project is, I can help you get the very best out of it! From simple room acoustics treatment and renovation all the way to complete, from ground up design of a multi-room studio complex including detailed floor plans and 3D modelling , sound insulation and floating construction plans, acoustic measurements and control room design, acoustic treatment, audio and power wiring etc etc. Through the past decades I’ve designed and constructed numerous recording spaces and mixing rooms (recent projects include The Sonic Ark Studio, Studio Aspiotis etc) plus a large number of consulting projects for audiophiles, home and project studios, home cinemas etc. Of course I am not alone on this as it is a very complex work to do… I work together with a group of extremely talented people including civil and electrical engineers, acousticians, acoustic treatment and insulation gear providers. 

  • Gear Acquisition consulting: I can help you evaluate your true needs and goals and make the best out of your money when deciding on new or used audio gear. From a simple one off gear choice to complex complete solutions I can help you choose the right gear but also integrate it to the rest of your workflow, optimising your workspace and audio production skills.

  • Live Sound Consulting: If you are a touring band or artist I can help you organise and perfect your live sound performance providing complete stage and FOH design and planning, professional tech and hospitality rider design and publishing, personal monitoring integration, cue mix and playback design and creation and match much more!

  • Mix Evaluation: I offer detailed and complete reviews for your mix focusing on both technical faults and solutions but also aesthetic and marketing considerations. 


Get in touch to discuss your specific needs and work out the best for your project!

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