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Hey everybody... this is my personal blog/website.Here you can find more info on my sound engineering work, my stock music,  my online tutorials, e-books and all my audio and music projects... so if you're serious about audio and music production go ahead, take a look around and get in touch. Together we'll give your music, your skills or your projects the treatment they deserve!


"Project Studio Setup" available now on e-shop!
Project Studio Setup” is the ultimate tool to help you create the project studio of your dreams! An essential guide to help you create from scratch your dream studio or improve and get the best out of your current working space… Everything you need to know in more than 200 pages together with sketches, diagrams and photos. Acoustics, DAW and music software choice, computer hardware and operating systems, microphones, outboard gear, cables, wiring and interconnections…they are all here, together with an enormous amount of resources and links. But “Project Studio Setup” is even more than a step by step guide in setting up your studio…it’s also a great introduction  to almost every aspect of music production from basic audio principles and sound engineering all the way to methodology, decision making and critical thought on audio and music production… a wholistic approach to the quest for the perfect workspace, gear purchase  and arrangement.
Project Studio Setup is a serious tool for everyone serious about audio, either a beginner or an experienced sound get your copy now and let’s start this beautiful trip together!

New product alert! - Loophole drum loops library now available at e-shop

Loophole drum loops library is available for purchase and immediate download in the e-shop. Loophole is a collection of drum loops created by the talented drummer Alex Apostolakis and Nikodemos T. , originally distributed by The Sonic Ark Studio. It contains a variety of beats and grooves arranged and performed by Alex and produced by Nikodemos T. in multirack format. Grooves are divided in categories depending on the main style and feel (modern, vintage, shufle, brushes) and subcategories basd on the BPM. You can find detailed info in the pictures of the product. All grooves and beats are in HQ multitrack wav format plus a unique snare drum sample library with different groups of snare samples in 10 velocity layers plus a ready to use Kontakt library (including different styles, ambient mics, top and bottom mics)

introduction to drum recording

New tutorials now on e-shop! "The Sonic Ark Collection"

Hey everybody, I've just added 6 videos from The Sonic Ark's "Complete Drum Recording"  tutorial. Everything you need to know about drum recording with different setups and genres, including various mixing and processing approaches, explained in detail and HQ footage and audio. From Jazz to extreme metal and from minimal mixing techniques all the way to extreme setups, these videos will provide you with an enormous knowledge base on drum recording... So, just click on the video to see a trailer and then go to my e-shop and check them out!

introduction to drum recording

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